Frequently asked questions

Get to know more about nlux

No, nlux is a frontend library that can be used with any LLM backend service. We provide standard adapters for OpenAI's API, and Hugging Face Inference conversational models, but we also allow you to use any model or API of your choice by building a custom adapter.

No inside knowledge of OpenAI and Large Language Models is required to use nlux. We have made it as simple as possible to get started. You can customize the model OpenAI to use via simple Javascript/React props. Check out our Get Started guide to learn more.

Yes, nlux works with any frontend framework. We have a React JS wrapper that makes it easy to use nlux with React. You can find it on the NPM package @nlux/react.

Yes, we do also have a vanilla JavaScript implementation of nlux that does not depend on any library or framework. Check out our Get Started guide to learn more.

You can find the source code of nlux on our Github repository.We welcome any contributions and feedback.

nlux is built and maintained by Salmen Hichri - Copyright © 2024 All rights reserved.

The source code of nlux is licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0