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The Open-Source React / Javascript Library To Build Conversational AI Interfaces

import {AiChat} from '@nlux/react';
import '@nlux/themes/nova.css';
import {streamAdapter} from './adapter';
import {user, botPictureUrl} from './personas';

export default () => (
      bot: {
        name: 'EinBot',
        tagline: 'Your Genius AI Assistant',
        picture: botPictureUrl,
      placeholder: 'How can I help you?'
      height: 350, maxWidth: 430
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Weekly releases + Frequent updates!
More features and LLM adapters coming soon.

Features & Customization

Over the past months since launching nlux, we've been heads-down delivering rapid value. Here's a quick overview of some key features available and what we will be shipping as part of the enterprise version.

NLUX Community

Free and open-source features
available to the community.

✔️  AI Chat Component
✔️  React JS Support
✔️  ChatGPT Adapter
✔️  Hugging Face Adapter
✔️  Custom LLM Adapters
✔️  Bot and User Personas
✔️  Markdown Streaming
✔️  Syntax Highlighter
✔️  Theme Customization
✔️  Event Listeners
✔️  LangChain Adapters
✔️  Conversation History Hydration
✔️  Context-Aware Conversations ⭐️
Co-Pilot Mode
File Uploads
Voice Chat
Enhanced Accessibility

NLUX Enterprise

Advanced features and customization
available to enterprise customers.

Extended features that are being considered
for the enterprise version include:

Custom ComponentsRender LLM output in custom React components.
Extended MarkdownStreaming extended syntax (tables, and more).
Advanced ThemingTheme builder, and more customization options.
Advanced Context SynchronizationAdvanced strategies to sync the user context with LLMs to enable context-aware assistance.
Dedicated Developer SupportConsulting and support for your projects.

Speak to the team behind nlux. Tell us what features you need and we can build them for you.

If you have other features in mind that you'd like to see in nlux community, please suggest them on Github Discussions! We're always looking for new ideas and feedback.

Building Context-Aware AI Assistants
With React JS and nlux

Learn more ― Watch the presentation of nlux founder at React Advanced London where he talks about the future of conversational AI and how to build context-aware AI apps with NLUX and React JS.

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The source code of nlux is licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0